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World Traveller - China, Indonesia & Japan

Flavours of the far east - from Indonesia to Japan & China
for documentary, drama, lifestyle & factual

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Across China
Gently building Asian soundscape with sparse drums, harp, strings and soaring Chinese violin (Erhu). Tranquil and soulful.

Gate of Heaven
Evolving, wondrous Japanese beauty featuring Koto, Shakuhatchi (flute), soft gongs and sweeping strings. Scenic and enigmatic.

East Of Rangoon
Exotic Asian/Indochinese flute and ethnic instruments. Meandering, slow and evocative.

Travel China
Light Chinese atmosphere with ethnic percussion & instruments. Neutral and unobtrusive. Excellent soundbed for travelogues, documentaries & voice-overs.

Minimal, neutral sounding Japanese atmosphere with light ethnic percussion, Koto & flute.

Tiger Patrol
Dark Indonesian gongs, gamelan and urgent percussion. Exciting and exotic.

Dreamlike China
Flowing Chinese flute (dizi) with sparse dulcimer, cymbals and gongs. Graceful, slow movement.

Rising Moon
Tranquil and enchanting atmosphere featuring solo Chinese zither (guzheng). Strangely hypnotic.

Brash, beeping, bouncy tribute to the noisy gaming halls of Japan. Frantic and wacky.

Bamboo Forest
Haunting Japanese flute (shakuhachi), zither (koto), & Taiko drums.  Slow, spacious & magical.

Songs of Joy
Joyful Chinese orchestra with traditional flute (dizi) in 3 separate movements. Slow, graceful & finally, a spritely dance. Fresh from our new friends in China.