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Fashion Week

Cool, edgy & glamorous soundtracks
for fashion & beauty

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Energetic Electro dance with female vocal sample- 'Move Your Body'.

Drug My Heart
Darkly sensual electronic vocal house - Chorus: 'You drugged my heart'.

All We Wanted
Desire-themed driving Indie vocal rock/pop with a wistful edge.

Dump The Girlfriend
Weirdly sexy mid-tempo tech-house with fem. voc. sample 'Dump The Girlfriend' and enigmatic looped vocodered verse.

Tokyo Dreaming
Seriously chilled electronica with intense, breathy Japanese female vocal featuring twisted effects.

Until The Morning
Mid-tempo electronic house with darkly passionate female vocal.

The Strip
Glamorous, upbeat, partying electro from the bright lights district.

Magazine Show
Loungey, psychedelic jazz-funk with echoey sax and vocal fragments.

Under The Influence
Very weird retro sample loop over deep dubby trip-hop; twisted chillout.

Let\'s Get Wasted
Simmering Nu Punk/Grunge - modern, dazed and dirty. Chorus- 'Let's get wasted'

Bora Bora
Relentless mid-tempo electro-tinged progressive house groove feat. male vocal sample "Sunshine".

Party Animal
Prowling tech-house with decadent sounding spoken male vocal sample and Latin-tinged percussion.

On The List (Electro mixes)
Cool, edgy Electro excursions into urban clubworld with twisted Continental accented female vocal fragments.