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Helix Nebula image by ESO (European Southern Observatory)

The Universe & Space

Beauty, wonder, awe, & mystery
for space, science, documentary, drama, factual

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Nearing Andromeda
Image by ESO
Symphony orchestra slowly builds from mysterious, deep organ pedal notes and shimmering strings to epic, awe-inspiring crescendo. Majestic, vast and forbidding.

Dark Matter
Dark, urgent Minimalism. Spinning piano, flute and plucked strings over throbbing sub-bass with mysterious pulses.

Beyond Saturn
Image by ESO
Expansive, epic orchestral piece, builds majestically from enigmatic mystery to powerful, wondrous climax.

Slowly evolving, expansive minimalist piece for 3 pianos. Enigmatic, timeless space. (Available in Surround)

Out There
Sci-fi mystery. Slow, swirling, spacey sounds with disembodied voices and pulsings. UFO's and aliens. Creepy paranormal atmosphere.

Thread of Life
Evolving soundscape evoking a wondrous, ordered universe. Scored for 5 pianos by UK 'Maximinimalist' Michael J.Stewart. (stereo & surround mixes)

Final Enigma
Image by ESO
Sparse, mysterious, dischordant, enigmatic solo piano - very minimal. (longer track in Versions)

The Void
Solemn and eerie atonal orchestral meditation on outer space, emptiness and mystery.

Other Worlds
Image by Jurgen Ziewe
Minimal, unobtrusive, enigmatic atmosphere. Ideal for documentary voice-over. Evocative of beauty & drifting.

Mists of Time
Neutral, gently rising & falling washes of sound form enigmatic background for documentaries & voice-over. (can be looped)

Extreme Space
Awe-filled, melancholy and forbidding orchestral evocation of the far reaches of inner and outer space.

Asteroid Alert
Sinister electronic atmospherics over rolling dub drum break.

Star Fields
Deep, spacious atmosphere with wondrous ethereal voices. Awesome beauty.

Black Hole
Image by ESO/M. Kornmesser
Awesome, thunderous drones & disembodied voices swirling in timeless space. Vast, forbidding majesty.