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Beautiful World

Awe-filled meditations on the wondrous earth
for documentary, factual, nature

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Blue Mystery
Dubby, ambient sound washes with ethereal female voice. Haunting natural beauty.

Ocean Currents
Delicate and mysterious new age pads backing atmospheric piano figures over light trip hop beats.

Graceful and thoughtful New Age chillout evokes the mystery of ocean deeps.

Dawn Panorama
Grand, inspiring pad cycle evoking images of dawn and rebirth.

Lush, contemplative Ambient/ New Age pad/strings cycle- no drums.

Seeking Answers
Pensive, serious  New Age/ Trip Hop- ornately arpeggiated pads over mid tempo funky break beat.

The Crater\'s Edge
Thoughtful piano intro slowly evolves, taking off massively at 01:25 into soaring panoramic trip hop.

Wondrous Earth
Gentle, panoramic orchestral flavoured New Age.

Swirling pad/rhodes cycle over minimal trip hop with twisted choral vocal fx.

Wistful, wintry piano figures lead rolling trip hop.

Gently floating piano figures over downbeat trip hop backing.

Forest Canopy
Hallucinogenic, gently haunting evocation of autumnal woods in acoustically tinged electronics with effected viola figures.

New Life
Warm, ambient soundbed with sparkling piano. Minimal, neutral atmosphere for voice-over & documentary.

Ocean Nomad
Slowly drifting ambient undersea atmosphere. Graceful, enigmatic beauty.

Epic Nature
Epic Orchestral theme to the grandeur of the natural world. Massive takeoff at 58 sec.