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Epic Orchestral - Passion & Panorama

Optimistic & patriotic, emotive of homecoming, romance & beauty
for trailers, films, drama, documentary

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Land of the Free
Patriotic, emotional, orchestral Americana. Builds from calm, thoughtful intro to sweeping pastoral theme with brass strings and woodwind, before peaceful outro.

All that is Good
Panoramic orchestral piece with sweeping romantic strings. Evokes passion and pastoral beauty.

Ellis Island
Emotive, positive orchestral evocation of Immigration into the US a Century ago featuring Celtic whistle.

Epic Love
Epic romantic orchestral theme builds from reflective beginning to emotive climax before gently dying away. (stereo & surround mixes)

Dawn America
Orchestra gradually awakens to sweeping, panoramic strings. Modulates to momentous brass before sensitive conclusion. Epic, romantic, dynamic and beautiful.

September Song
Conciliatory orchestral meditation on mourning and loss - key change and gentle choir entry after 1min.

The Longest Mile
High symphonic drama; gentle start steadily builds to grand romantic climax and resolution.

Greater Love
Slowly waltzing orchestra with a soft, Irish feel. Emotional and panoramic.

Without End
Gently epic, majestic orchestral meditation on natural beauty and love.

Emotive, gently moving, feelgood light orchestral.

Voyage of Hope
Majestic orchestral epic - warm and uplifting.

This Great Land
Epic symphonic tribute to the American continent - warm, stately, patriotic.

New Day Dawns
Intensely expressive and portentous orchestral theme for a new dawn of hope - simultaneously solemn and optimistic.