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Dark Action

Tense & menacing cyber-rock, orchestral & electronica
for trailers, scifi, crime, thrillers, drama, action heroes

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Nowhere to Run
Tense, dark orchestral chase with manic beats and shock hits.

Dark Technology
Dark, mid-paced electronic beats with hits.

Dark, prowling trip hop underscore with rolling backbeat and twisted guitar atmospherics.

Future Shock
Dirty Rock guitar stabs with heavy beat, explosive hits and F/X.

Alien Predator
Dark and grungy filmic cyber rock.

Human Target
Dark, dragging drums atmosphere into enigmatic orchestral strings/brass figures. Dreamy and ominous with military snare.

In Crisis
Tense, edgy cyber-thriller- twisted, distorted chemical 9/8 rock with Arabic String flourishes and lush, filmic string passages.

Scene of The Crime
Dark, serious trip-hop with tense guitar and heavy breathing fx

Terror Patrol
Dark, restless, urgent, chemical-rock with subtle ‘terror’ voice fx

Waiting Game
Dark and sinister trip hop with dolorous string section lead and scary breathing effects- builds in drama.

The Heist
Ominous, dramatic theme with orchestra and heavy rhythm. Building percussion hits to big piano and strings theme. Huge ending.

Hidden Menace
Sci-fi, mysterious intro leading to medium tempo funky groove with intermittent orchestral strings and strange noises.

The Code
Moody high tech atmos intro to driving 6/8 drums with dark guitars and voice fx. Moody and portentous.

Cyber People
Weird, warped Indie electronica with electric guitars and eighties style cut-up vocals "Human Experiments" over driving half-time drums.