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Dark Edgy Drama

Downbeat rock & electronica - the dark side of town
for crime, drama, scifi, documentary, thriller

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DNA Testing
Pensive mid-tempo electro with a serious, technical flavour.

Roll The Dice
Darkly thriving funky-electro-rock combines excitement and threat.

Grey Dawn
Moody, downbeat guitar-led trip-hop- filmic string lines over.

Graveyard Shift
Hard-bitten break-driven electro groove with unsettling enharmonic vocal samples- dark, atmospheric and funky.

Dark and menacing trip hop with moody electric guitar lead figures.

Femme Fatale
Dark and prowling mid tempo electronica with fat beats, dirty synths and Eastern vocal flavours and instrumental overlays.

The Next Fix
Bleak, stressed-out progressive/electronic trip-hop cityscape.

House of Secrets
Darkly driving minimal house.

Shadow Street
Midtempo acoustic guitar-led trip-hop ballad with emotive string led mid section- downbeat drama.

Darkly charged rock-chill; tense, mysterious and sexy.

Edgy electronic cyber-pop with themic mid-section; dark, urgent and atmospheric.

The Hurt Locker
Dark, sensual, slow trip hop with melodramatic synth-pop lead figures.

Restless slow hip hop beat with piano, airy flute and plucked string samples. Bitter-sweet, moody but neutral.

Mercy Mission
Solemn, purposeful choral/orchestral theme over heavy break beats.