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Lifestyle - Feelgood 2

Eclectic & enigmatic
for lifestyle, documentary, the arts

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Bells and Light
Euphoric handbells figures over trip-hop backing- sunny and uplifting.

Perfect Day
Thoughtfully uplifting piano-led New Age electronica in skipping 5/8 timing, with euphoric climaxes.

Breaking Through
Lightly thoughtful uptempo trip hop- lush, complex layers of chords over urgent, skipping beat.

Luminous bell figures rising into full uplifting anthemic groove at 38s.

Breezy Electronic Trip-hop; mild clash in chorus harmonies gives subtly surreal twist.

Blue Tea
Insistent, strangely upbeat, uptempo trip hop groove revolves under weird synth and sampled vocal effects.

Dream River
Meditative piano led trip-hop builds to emotive climax with strings.

Lorelei Song
Childlike, dreamy female vocal over acoustic guitar and ethereal violin. Gentle, unusual and enchanting.

Extraordinary Lives
Gradually evolving neutral, feelgood soundscape with fluid, easy movement.

Flowing upbeat groove builds with feelgood guitar. Positive, ecstatic and evocative of scenic beauty.

Rays of Sunshine
Gentle, fluid repetitive piano and electronica over light beat. Light, welcoming and summery.

Spirits In Flight
Gliding uptempo 3/4 folk-jazz backing with beautiful, curious enharmonic female singing plus lush string section.

Looking Up
Midtempo orchestral rocky triphop; light, sunny and positive.

Red Umbrellas
Gently upbeat orchestral/electronic blend. Breezy, sunny, whimsical.

Magic Carpet
Breezy, sunny Indie with 60s retro touches.