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Lifestyle - Fun 2

Energetic youthful rock & pop
for lifestyle, sports, school

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Neon Wonderland
Fast, exuberant Big Beat with drums and guitars. Partying, confident and uplifting.

Gumball Girls
Feelgood, uptempo rock. Positive with a fun edge.

Ready to Rock
Mid-paced anthemic guitar rock- warm, soulful and positive.

Animal Magnet
Upbeat, confident Big Beat with rocky guitars and drums. Optimistic, young and feelgood. (2 min, 60 & 30 sec versions)

Eat My Goal
Unrelenting, fast, driving Big Beat with rock guitar and drums. Brash, explosive and exuberant.

Rock Recess
Upbeat, positive Rock guitars, drums and bass

Leap of Faith
Bouncy guitar band pop/rock with light organ stabs.

Loving Life
Enthusiastic indie rock anthemic thrash.

Rock School
Fast, enthusiastic, youthful guitar-rock band instrumental

Funky Junk
Head shaking funk-rock with contrastingly thoughtful 'B' section.

Nu Punk High
Explosively positive nu teen punk rocker

Girls Makin\' Noise
Brash, edgy Indie dance/rock with female vocal 'Boys with their toys who like girls makin' noise'.  Raunchy guitars, synths and distorted vocal fx over fat drums.

Pump It
Punchy breakbeats over Big Beat/Hip Hop. Partying with attitude.

Spinning Lights
Driving New Wave Rock with Theremin style lead.

Dashing About
Manically poppy grime/drum and bass with catchy chords and strong electric guitar theme over.

Hey Hey
Upbeat, fun pop/rock with light-hearted male 'Hey Hey!' vocals.

Hyperactive Blues
Playful, tearaway blues/rock for youthful silliness and fun.