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World Traveller - Latin & Spanish

From sensual tango & flamenco to carnival & fiesta
for documentary, travel, lifestyle, romance

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La Boca Nights
Mid-paced, strutting Tango featuring Argentinian Accordion, (Bandoneon) and piano.

Fluid Flamenco guitar and passionate gypsy violin. Haunting, melancholic and darkly sensual.

Romantic Spanish/Mexican style guitar.  Warm & wistful.

Fire Carnival
Intense Latin carnival percussion. Batucada style.

Club Havana
Classic Cuban dance-band salsa.

Playa Fiesta
Partying shouts, congas, Flamenco claps, trumpet and female vocals over fluid Spanish/Latin percussion.

Luna Latina
Romantic Latino jazz with Spanish female vocal about the mysterious beauty of nature. With acoustic guitars, sweeping strings and Latin percussion. (NB. See 'Lounge Latina' for instrumental)

Lounge Latina
Romantic Latin/Mexican jazz with acoustic guitars, vibes, sweeping strings and Latin percussion. (NB. See track 'Luna Latina' for song version with female Spanish vocals.)

Lively and elegant with a happy Latin/Spanish feel. Features orchestral instruments, castanets and accordion.

Leblon Beach
Smooth, sunny, upbeat Brazilian Lounge. Chic relaxation.

Edgy, strutting, electro-Tango with accordion (bandoneon). Urgent Latin passion.

La Costanera
Romantic, mid-paced, modern tango with accordion (bandoneon). Dreamy and wistful.

Spanish Sunset
Haunting Spanish guitar, passionate violin and orchestra. Solemn and romantic.

Traditional Spanish Flamenco lament - guitar, male vocal and claps.

Puerto Cadiz
Romantic and sunny traditional flamenco celebration of young love, from the Alegria region - male vocal, guitar, claps and taps.

Passionate traditional Flamenco lament from the Buleria region of Spain - male vocal, guitar, claps and taps.

Inca Trail
Andean pan pipe melody over ambient/new age backing featuring Andean percussion.

Rio Negro
Spirited and soulful Latin folk ballad with accordion and Spanish guitar.

Waltz Tango
Dark and sultry accordion melody over unusual 3/4 Tango rhythm track. 

North From Tucuman
Romantic and lively Andean folk theme - intensely regionally flavoured.