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Freak Folk & New Weird

Quirky modern folk - fresh and sincere, yet knowing & sophisticated
for 20s, 30s, lifestyle, advertising

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I Live in a Tree
Warmhearted vocal-led freak folk with mandolin, slide guitar, acoustic bass and chimes.

Sail Away
Sweet/dreamy waif-like female vocal over acoustic guitar- modern folk/chill feel with themes of wonder, fantasy and childhood's passing. 

Fey and wistful folky chillout with dreamy Scandinavian accented (English) male vocal, acoustic guitar and touches of delicate electronica.

Brightens Up My Day
Sunny vocal acoustic Freak Folk celebrating carefree love, feat. mandolin.

Cabaret Dada
Engagingly oddball freak folk instrumental featuring trumpets, street percussion and vibes. 

Surreally upbeat, Felliniesque freak folk ukelele and trumpet duet joined by cheerfully inept village brass band at 37sec.

Wow Wow Chairman Mao
Nixon dances the Frug with Mao Zedong, Beijing, 1972. Extravagantly daft homespun retro dance ensemble with enthusiastic brass. Lo Fi coda at 01:34.

Say Hello
Wistful 'unplugged' Freak Folk- male vocal with female harmonies, over acoustic guitar with electronic touches.

The Season Unfolding
Lilting, insistent folk/orchestral meditation on nature in transition.

Leek and Badger Pie
Bizarre, faux-naif throwback to a warmer, simpler imaginary past - featuring trumpet and old piano - an urban take on country matters.

The Enchanted
Pensive guitar-led acoustic folk with magical overtones.

A Song I Know
Male vocal Freak Folk; simultaneously gently upbeat and sad.

The Wondering
Gentle, gradually evolving freak folk.

August Moon
Carefree soundtrack for good times under a summer moon. Mandolin, recorder and voices with a retro touch.

The Wonder Garden
Shimmering vibraphone cycle with English garden atmosphere overlaid. Weirdly upbeat, cool and surreal.