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World Traveller - Near & Middle East

Exotic Middle Eastern atmospheres & beats
for films, documentaries, drama, travel

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Al Hadd
Atmospheric ney flute over sparse Mid East percussion, harp and bass

Sanan Daj
Meditative Duduk over warm orchestral chords with gentle Mid East percussion.

Thriving middle-eastern feel. Loosely energetic, ethnic percussion, flute, lute and voices. Fluid, shifting and exotic.

East Meets West
Seductive middle-eastern slow groove, with acoustic bass, shimmying eastern beats and instruments. Intensifies to end.

Exotic City
Slow, haunting pipes with distant thunderous drums. Underlying pulse with middle eastern/african instruments.

From The East
Intensely dramatic Duduk figures over minimal orchestral drone.

Came A Star
Mysterious and awe-filled orchestral atmosphere climaxes with Middle-Eastern Duduk flourishes.

Peace Dance
Exotic, middle-eastern percussion and female vocal flavours meet Goa Trance - Soundtrack for Middle East peace "Salaam Shalom"

Red Sea Road
Energetic, evocative middle-eastern percussion and lute (Oud) with occasional distant male and female voices.

Babylon\'s Burning
Dark atmosphere with sparse Middle Eastern instruments. Perfect underscore to serious narrative and footage.