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World Traveller - Celtic Journey

Rollicking reels & jigs, haunting pipes & voices
for bleak & rugged coastlines - st Patricks day, documentary, drama, history, travel

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Song of the Woods
Mystical female vocals (in old Cornish language) and ocarina.  Strong chorus rises to climax. 

Falkirk Fling
Stomping fiddle leads Scottish reel for that festive event and consequent hangover! Features mandolins and bazouki.

Longing, lilting, panoramic, romantic theme featuring Celtic pipes, lush strings and piano. 

Standing Stones
Irish whistle, flute, Uillean pipes, piano, strings and female voices reflect the majesty of the ancient monoliths of the Celtic world.

Killarney Leap
Rollocking, fast Irish jig with whistles and bodhrans. A thumping, happy festive dance tune ideal for St Patrick's Day!

Border Reel
Wild Irish reel featuring Uilean pipes, celtic harp, fiddle, bodhran drum and whistle.

Highland Archipelago
Solo Uilleann pipes build into up-tempo celtic folk ensemble dance featuring flute, violin and bodhran drum.

Dance Kathleen
Gentle and romantic Irish harp solo evolves into manic full ensemble Celtic reel.

Bay of Argyll
Celtic folk ensemble starting pensively, play increasingly spirited reel, featuring fiddle, mandolin, harp, whistle and bodhran drum.

Celtic Sunrise
Celtic female choir with Uillean pipes. Builds from stark melancholic voices to beautiful, haunting panorama.

Muscular drums with Highland bagpipes and rock guitar. Celebratory, heroic and patriotic.

The Darkest Waters
Dramatic, heavy, swirling stormy sea atmosphere with staccato siren-like voices and Uillean Pipes.

Sally\'s Gap
Gently upbeat Celtic flute improvisations over rhythmic harp and double bass in 5/4 time - Celtic folk with a jazzy tinge.