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Monster Metal

Muscular, explosive, dark & raw heavy rock & metal
for trailers, action, aggressive sports, extreme machines, youth

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Breathless, driving metal rock. Versions with or without grunge vocals "Breakout". Aggressive pounding drums and explosive guitar. Furious and exciting.

Ominous, mid-paced, heavy grunge rock. Unrelenting riffing guitar over pounding drums. Massive, raw and threatening.

Ominous, muscular grunge rock. Brooding, menacing, chugging guitars and strings intensify to driving aggression with stuttering fx.

Aggressive, fast grunge rock guitars over heavy driving drums. Incessant, raw, macho and confident.

Alien Nation
Grinding steady-paced metal. Positive, serious and powerful. Stabbing guitars and drums.

Dark, brooding, mid-pace metal drums and guitars.

Viral Worship
Heavy, mid-pace/slow Metal with some 70's style unison riffing.

Stabbing metal guitars over driving drums. Develops with additional strings and synth stabs.

Night Warrior
Explosive grunge rock. Moody, restless heavy guitar atmosphere bursts into full-on, furious  attacking thrash.  Gripping and powerful.

You Gotta Be
Fast, aggressive Death Metal with grunge vocal. Instrumental available in Versions.

Bad Seed
Head-shaking heavy rock with a contemporary sprinkling of twisted synth lead (thoughtful pause at 01:42).