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Thinking Business

Scenes from modern corporate life
for business, training, commercials, awards

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Glass City Dreams
Serious/neutral chimes sequence with vocal accents develops with beat and dramatic rock guitar solo section in the middle.

Emotionally neutral, technologically oriented electro with sequenced bell-tones, skippy modern drum programming and occasional string section.

Thought Cloud
Quirky, dreamy Trip-Hop.

Future Cities Part 2
As 1 but with full electro-house bass and drum machine plus more instrumentally developed high points.

Think Tank
Unusual, slightly urgent cello and piano with jazzy female vocal interjections. With ticking clock version available.

Green Skies
Neo-psychedelic synth and acoustic guitar leading to festival rock groove with hi string figures.

Hills To Oceans
Electric guitar led Indie/Trip-hop crossover- gently upbeat and very English.

Steady mid-tempo guitar-rock/orchestral blend with a purposeful edge.

Circus of Dreams
Surreally atmospheric piano-driven chillout with clockwork, slow-funky rhythm section evolving from pensive to positive.

Indian Summer
Uplifting, emotional female vocal over light rhythm builds to climax with stronger beat. No actual words but abstract vocalization throughout.

River Crossing
Wholesome, positive, piano-led evocation of rural/coastal vistas with grand backing and male operatic lead sections.

The Way Forward
Emotively purposeful 80s tinged synth-pop corporate anthem builds atmospherically to energy-charged drum loop, cycles triumphally to fade.

Shifting Patterns
Repetitive, subtly evolving figures for two pianos develop with increasing drama.

Soft Acid
Vintage chilled out acid house, continuously builds to bleepy climax; spacious drop at 03'07 - neutral and technical.

Easygoing, ambling, cool indie rock. Neutral, friendly & warm.