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Retro 80s

Retro 1980's pop & dance
for fashion, lifestyle, advertising

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Red Braces
Bright, up-dated 1980's anthemic, electro-pop. Partying and optimistic, with striding beat. Purposeful, glamorous and arrogant.

Hypnotic, tough progressive-house with 80s electro flavour and other-worldly vocodered vocal phrase-'Reflexions, on life'.

Electric City
Retro electro-pop with a touch of decadence.

Das Pop Muzik
Robotic, 80s retro electro-pop using punchy modern sounds.

Spirit Of 82
Flowing, melodic 80s synth pop anthem.

Back To The Eighties
Uplifting, catchy retro-eighties SynthPop with drum machine, sequencers and orchestral stabs.

We Are Electric
Retro electro synth pop with a distinctly 80's Germanic feel.

The Rumble
Driving tribal drums, catchy brass, and wacky sound fx. Untamed retro-eighties dancefloor fun!

The Way Forward
Emotively purposeful 80s tinged synth-pop corporate anthem builds atmospherically to energy-charged drum loop, cycles triumphally to fade.

Massive In The 80s
Epically OTT love letter to the 80s - huge, histrionic and nostalgic synth-pop anthem.