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World Traveller - India

Flavours of India
for documentary, drama, lifestyle, travel, Bollywood

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Tuk Tuk
Happy, festive, Bhangra/crossover with jubilant shouts and catchy Mandolin over energetic Asian drumming.

Action India
Positive, mid-paced Indian percussion with flute.

Mumbai Dreams
Funky Indian drums, Bollywood style strings and female vocals.

Rough Guide to Gujarat
Mid-west bluesy slide guitar jams over mid-tempo tabla accompaniment.

Romantic India
Light, happy Indian group with tabla, sitar, serangi and drone instruments.

Atmosphere India
Enigmatic, haunting solo Indian flute over tamboura drone. (See Versions for just solo flute)
(stereo & surround mixes)

Dawn Chennai
Beautiful Indian flute (bansuri) lament - lush orchestral chords enter at 01:40.

Bollywood Trail
Rolling psychedelic dub/ trip hop featuring Indian vocal fragments and percussion.

Monsoon Railway
Happy female Indian vocals over sitar drone and riffing backed with upbeat rolling trip hop and tabla.

Joy Sitar
Ornate and blissed-out Sitar lead over easygoing midtempo house backing with indian vocal samples.

Kashmiri Dub
Soaring Indian flute figures over lush pads and funky-chilled trip hop rhythm track with fem. ethnic vocals.