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World Traveller - America

Tour of US in folk, blues, country, surf & Native American styles
for Southern States, films, documentary, reality tv

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Bilberry Waffles
Amiable, Banjo-led, mid-tempo, American folk-dance.

Crazy Coyote
Twangy Psychobilly, TexMex/Surf guitar workout.

Dead Man's Gulch
Dark drone with bluesy Dobro slide guitar.

Way Out West 1
Tuneful, jolly solo banjo with guitar and bongos.

Way Out West 2
Tuneful, happy, Western country-style band featuring banjo, pedal steel and mandolin.

Boxcar Blues
Blues slide guitar and harmonica.

Ghosts of the Mesa
Native American drums and percussion, intensifying to dark end hit. (Versions provide 2 separate rhythms).

Sparse, evolving Native US percussion atmosphere with flute hits and rattles.

Trouble In The Pueblos
Pounding Native American Drums dramatic, build with Mexican trumpet, guitars and dark hits to climax.  (stereo & surround mixes)

Riverboat Blues
New Orleans funeral-style Jazz/Country/Blues with guitars and brass.

Riverboat Song
New Orleans funeral-style Jazz/Country/Blues with guitars, brass and female vocal 'I can see a change coming'. (NB. See track 'Riverboat Blues' for instrumental version)

Electric Blue Corvette
Laid back blues guitar combo drips Southern States cool.

Rain and Raccoons
Atmospheric slide guitar blues duet- Southern States in the rain.

Raise The Barn
Manically positive banjo-led Blue Grass soundtrack for a Barn-Raising party.

Kazoo Blues
Sleazy downtempo American Roadhouse Blues with harmonica.