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World Traveller - Africa

Themes and moods evoking sub-Saharan Africa
for African travel, wildlife, African current affairs

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African Village Dance
Energetic and authentic edit of location-recordings of African village dance- drums/dancing and vocal chanting.

Happy Africa
Light, happy African drums, whistles and vocalisations.

Ambient Flute and Marimbas. Trickling water and birds in background.

Okavango Spring
African village dance cut-up featuring drums, african flute and male and female ensemble vocals.

Blood Diamonds
Urgent, fluid tribal marimba cross-rhythms, with moody acoustic guitar and flute. Exotic, tropical adventure.

Savannah Breeze
Gentle New Age backdrop featuring African male vocal and synthetic female Choir - Enya on safari.

Kalahari Dawn
African flavoured tribal voices over fast percussion-backed repetitive, ambient guitar theme. Panoramic and adventurous.

Township Chorale
South African male voice choir give beautiful rendition of traditional Zulu religious song.

Easygoing african percussion and choir. Ambling and cheerful.

Action Africa
Urgent, relentless African tribal drums and percussion. Exciting rhythmic soundbed for fast action and chase.

Sunny, gently upbeat Kora solo (W. African harp) - light drums enter 00:48

Savannah Run
Lively, dancing flute improvisation over driving African tribal drums.

Africa Feelgood
Warm, soulful African lyres (nyatiti & ngoni), flute (tambin) & light ethnic percussion. Bright, gently dancing atmosphere.