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Business & News

Powerful & prestigious themes
for commerce and current affairs

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Business Today
Serious, prestigious upper mid-tempo orchestral theme.

Walking to Freedom
Darkly dramatic trip hop with heroic overtones.

Dramatic drum hits to tense string orchestral chords, punctuated by huge percussion. Heraldic horn theme enters as drums march relentlessly to massive ending.

Financial Markets
Classic urgent and confident orchestral financial news theme.

Way To Win
Full orchestral brass into dramatic trumpet theme over pulsing rhythm. Builds with choir and big percussive hits. High drama.

Winning in Beijing
Proud, anthemic mix of full orchestra and Chinese instruments. Builds throughout to grand climax. Triumphant and powerful. (See Versions for Drums Only)

Dramatic drum hits into heraldic brass theme, punctuated by hits over strong funky rhythm track. Theme builds with full power to end.

Gathering Storm
Darkly epic rock-driven thriller score builds to cinematic climax.

Ride The Sea
Majestic indie rock/orchestral anthem with epic overtones.

The Awards
Rock/Orchestral glamour, drama and excitement- theme/walk-on.

United Nations
Whistlestop tour of corporate musical world settles in the American mid-west for a house-driven hoe-down; virtuoso American folk fiddle on second half

This Just In
Urgent, pounding rock soundtrack to dramatic news, with electronic and orchestral elements.