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Pop & RnB Songs

Contemporary pop songs featuring full vocals
for youth, teenage, fashion, commercials

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Eternally Yours
Bright, upbeat, catchy 'girl band' pop with vocals. Strings in Vivaldi/Pachelbel style. 'Together Forever' lyrics.

Stay Cool
Slow shuffling, swaggering, flirtatious girl-band  "Baby, relax, stay cool...I'm bound to you". Male rap "You don't call me, you ignore me..give the love back".

Stop Right Now
Catchy UK Indie pop/rock with female vocals 'Stop Right Now'. Upbeat partying youth culture.

Higher Ground
Motivating catchy, fast, partying pop with acoustic guitar funky synth bass and female vocals 'Groovin' on higher ground..Movin' up'.

Need Your Love
Bright, strutting, girl-band style pop song. "Baby, all I need is your love". Steady-paced,  romantic and catchy.

Foolish Hearts
Bright, upbeat, catchy girl-band style pop with lyrics: 'Only a fool'. Romantic, skipping and a little sultry.

Give In To Me
Sexy, catchy, strutting, pop/rock with seductive female vocals. With electric guitars, and eastern influenced strings.

Wild at Heart
Driving, proud, flowing pop with female vocals "So wild my heart". Soaring, panoramic and passionate.

You Ain\'t My Baby
Grungy electro-tinged pop rock with feisty female end-of-the-affair vocal.

Dry Your Eyes
Smoochy pop RnB ballad - emotive female vocal lead - classic slowdance.

Miami-Latino tinged Pop RnB - emphatic and soulful female vocal.