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Ghosts of the Apocalypse

Dark, scary & doom-laden atmospheres & drones
for documentary, drama, horror, scifi, crime, global warming

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Dark, disturbing, pulsing drone.

Apocalypse Piano
Sparse, minimalist, enigmatic solo piano over menacing deep pulses

Spirits of the Totem
Dark drone with slow, menacing Native American drums and percussion and hits. (stereo & surround mixes)

Getting Intense
Dark hit into tense orchestral strings atmosphere with timpani.

Evolving storm. Dark drone with water drips/rain/ thunder fx intensifies to deluge of water sounds.

Evil Comes
Intensely threatening throbbing distortion swells to abrupt climax. Impending Doom.

Galactic Ether
Low, ominous swirling, changing to spacey sounds with solo harp.

Dark Desert
Dark drone atmosphere with sparse electric guitar + percussive hits. Grows more sinister.

Desert Dangers
Evolving dark atmosphere with mysterious guitar/flute/percussion hits and bass clarinet (see versions to audition further useful 'Stings' and Hits selection).

Medieval Rauschpfeife (woodwind), large drum and discordant, whispering female voices conjure disturbing Dark Ages horror.

Final Doom
Dark bass strings drone crescendo with electric guitar builds to apocalyptic end hit. (separate hits in Versions).

Final Deluge
Awesome Apocalyptic fx into very dark, dramatic, intensifying atmosphere with choir and orchestra - (NB. Versions include separate orchestral cuts without sound fx)

Final Reckoning
Bell hit into dramatic apocalyptic orchestral atmosphere with choir, piano, dark brass and gong.

Psychic Airlock
Other-worldy voices and whispers, tense, low rumblings. String orchestra with dischords to dramatic end- Hallucinatory and disturbing.

Lost in Dreams
Suspense, ethereal with discordance, isolated solo boy's voice answering sparse and mysterious piano melody.

Clothed In Shadow
Grim, dark, menacing, metallic atmosphere with drawn out solo cello notes.

Sideways Look
Discordant dark drone with haunting child's voice. Dream-like, mysterious atmosphere.

Psycho Drama
'Hitchcockesque' disturbing orchestral strings, piano and bass clarinet.

When The Bell Tolls
Dark menacing rumble and ghostly voices. with ominous tolling church bell in driving rain with intermittent startling horn adding to disturbed atmosphere.

Space Alien
Dark, Disturbing drone with mysterious sparkles.

Sniper\'s Sights
Slow, tense atmospheric string build to emphatic orchestral resolution.

Wild Whispers
Random but illegible whispers in echos, spaces between for editing: horror, drama.

Earth Warning
Brooding and portentous synthetic/orchestral atmospherics featuring dramatic ensemble drumming.