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Sunset Chill

Cool Ibiza chill & lounge -
for lifestyle, leisure, youth, fashion, advertising

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Goa Dub
Exotically dubbed out trip-hop.

Chilled out dance with Indian sitar, female vocal "You 'n I... Make it real"

Fluid Drive
Mellow downtempo chillout with a hint of darkness/seriousness.

Apres Sol
Smoothly funky atmospheric loungey chill featuring lush, jazzy string and brass beds with solo muted trumpet and retro synth leads.

Dream Designs
Funky and sophisticated lounge/chillout with acoustic piano lead figures.

Rock Steady
Chilled Bigbeat Rock Steady Reggae.

Blissed out funky lounge/chill with French accented female vocals including 'hypnotized by a strange delight'

Imagine (Tu Flotte)
Image by Jurgen Ziewe
Indie Dance/Chill out with french female vocals "Tu marches dans un paysage de soie"

This is Life
Ibiza style chill-out with female voice 'This is Life' 'This is Beautiful'.  Smooth, sensual sunset beats. (stereo & surround mixes)

Understand Me
Dubby Indie Dance/Chill out/Lounge with sax and female vocal "Understand me" "Love is in me ".

Image by Jurgen Ziewe
Indie Dance/Chill with 'Aum' chant and ambient sfx over medium-paced dance beats. Cool spiritual vibes.

Behind The Sun
Majestic ambient synth pads with electronic accents and vocal samples- 'Behind the Sun' plus occasional ethnic 'monk' vocalisations.

Brotherhood of Chill
Mellow, chanting monks and choir over chilled beat. (stereo & surround mixes)

The One For Me
Haunting female vocal over luminous, pensive psychedelic chill backing.