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Speed Freaks

Hi octane rock & dance for speed, power & explosive action
for racing, sports, warfare, extreme machines, transport

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Terminal Velocity
Fast, pounding chemical rock with robotic distorted voice FX. Explosive, aggressive and unrelenting

Driving heavy metal guitars with cut up, filtered beats and explosive sounds. Action-packed and exciting!

Alternating power rock and funk guitar grooves. Strutting, macho and punchy.

Roof Rider
Hi Octane thrashy indie guitar rock to funky groove section with occasional hi-tech filter manipulations and vocal snippets.

Race Driver
Funky, hard rock riffs with punching drums and bass.  Muscular driving action theme.

Drums of Dread
Aggressive pounding big drums, full-on and thrilling. Builds to climactic boom.

Endurance Racer
Pensive intro evolves into punchy, rolling Chemical Rock action theme.

Road Rocker
Modern guitar rock with a NewWave/punk attitude. Driving and edgy.

Another Piece of Me
Aggressive chemical Indie Rock driving beat with heavy guitar and repetitive alarm sound.

Jet Power
Aggressive, action-packed assault with cut-up distorted guitar and drop sections to filtered beats. Brash and booming.

Mountain Flyer
Galloping retro synth-pop groove rises to Sweeping anthemic climax.

Bullet Train
Speeding synth sequences with big orchestral drums over strong pulsing rhythms. Sense of rushing importance. (See Versions for Drums Only)

Acid Pursuit
Manic succession of racing acid leadlines with thriving percussive drums and choral highlights.

Intense rave-tinged Drum n Bass with epic drop/re-entry (01:11/01:49).