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Science, Medicine & Technology

Serious & thoughtful soundtracks to scientific & technical activity
for documentary, factual, education

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Fast plucked violin and piano arpeggios evoke frenetic but ordered activity. Joined halfway by flute and 2 xylophones. (stereo & surround mixes)

Into Orbit
High Tech, flowing, soaring intro to driving beat with pensive oboe and cyclic sequences. Builds to end hit.

Neutral, light sound bed with minimalistic cyclic piano patterns and floating synth sounds. Ambient, sparkling and tranquil.

Situation Control
Minimal, evolving hypnotic trance-ambient electronic sequences.

Second Life
Image by Jurgen Ziewe
Surreal, enigmatic, chilled landscape in slow, dubby electronica featuring harp.

Gradual Process
Pensive downtempo electronica with a technical slant.

Future Cities Part 1
Serious, modern piano and synth lines interweave; mood moves from pensive to partially resolved.

Extreme minimalism - rhythmically insistent chord patterns- alternate versions featuring Hang drum.

Developing Drama
Pensive 5/4 piano figures evolve through different shades of emotion while drone and high string gradually swell.

Eden Project
Evolving percussion atmosphere with exotic bird sounds and flute.

Ocean Explorer
Flowing, positive mid-paced percussion and fluid harp arpeggios punctuated by acoustic bass. Rhythm builds at 00'59 with strings to end. Neutral and intriguing.

Wind Farm
Swishing airy sounds with percussion and flute.