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Sad & Solemn

Orchestral & vocal requiems, laments & funerary atmospheres
for documentary, drama, history, war, disasters

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Time To Reflect
Solemnly conciliatory, slow reflective succession of orchestral chords- simultaneously sad and affirmatory.

The Parlour
Poignant and intriguing small-orchestral waltz with graceful violin lead and harpsichord accompaniment- Victorian/Edwardian overtones.

Diamond Sky
Pensive glockenspiel figures with solemn sounding mezzo-soprano lead; grows with introduction of orchestral and male-choral elements.

Requiem 'Lux Aeterna' sung by Renata Jonscher and Neil Jenkins. With organ, harp, cello and choir. Beautiful, sad and touching. (As featured on Classic FMTV)

Night Vigil
Pensive, worried, small-orchestral atmosphere.

End of the Line
Dark, pensive, cold, pentatonic string orchestra over mildly agitated backing. Feeling of loss or defeat.

Remember Them
Thoughtful, funereal clarinet/viola melodic figures over very minimal orchestral backing.

Tide of Sorrow
Epic tragedy. Sombre, reflective orchestral intro develops with passionate strings and mournful solo violin.

Between The Lines
Eerie suspenseful atmosphere intro to solemn, portentous orchestral theme with military drums.

First Frost
Gentle meditation on approaching winter- Chamber ensemble with piano.

Cornish Cry
Haunting Celtic song about lost love (female vocal in Cornish "he left me in the morning") with acoustic guitar and pipes. Desolate, anguished and passionate.

The Vigil
Solemn, brooding and suspenseful short symphonic mood-piece.

The Revenant
Gently sad and meditative theme on solo male chorister's voice supported by piano, strings and flute. Solo harp in middle leading to reprise of theme with sustained ending.

Prelude to Battle
Solemn orchestral prelude to battle- pensive, tense and threatening.

With Honour
Thoughtful and emotional orchestral narrative blends dignity and pride with remembrance.

Solemn and poignant piano/orchestral study of grief and mourning.

Dawn of Tears
Slow string orchestra with touching Contralto solo voice. Sad and beautiful.