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Club & Party

Driving upbeat dance music from beach house to trance
for lifestyle, youth, sports

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Galaxy Nights
Classic soaring big-room instrumental house/rave anthem.

Classic euphoric Germanic trance anthem.

Super-punchy big-room Electro. Very energetic, very positive.

Hello, I Love You
Rolling house groove with sultry female vocal fragments.

Sun Sea and Trumpet
Breezy trumpet-led beach-house.

Give me Heaven
Breezily funky disco-house groove with insistent male vocal loop, 'Upside Down', plus female vocal samples and fragments of trumpet lead.

Foam Party
Uplifting OldSkool (circa '91) Italian style rave anthem featuring big female vocal 'Everybody Up!'.

Favela Tribal
Energetic Brazilian Batucada over house backbeat with distorted vocal sample.

Fast energetic house-electro synth-pop anthem for youthful activity and urban living.

Sparse, breezy beach house with occasional dubby vocal accents.

Get Busy
Blippy, funky electro disco with swirling atmospherics- fun and exciting.

Just Don\'t Stop
Hypnotic funky 128 bpm beach-house with distorted vocal fragments looped into the groove.

The Ride
Purposeful, driving piano-led electro-house instrumental.

Fiesta Eivissa
Thriving Balearic beach-house with soca-tinged backbeat, brass section, solo trumpet and reggae vocal fragments.

Give Me Your Sex
Driving funky house with raunchy continental accented female rap.

On The List
Main-room funky house with sexy European accented female vocal- 2 alternate mixes.