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Fragile Earth

Bleak themes evoking the beauties of nature under threat
for documentary, drama, film

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Fragile Earth
Haunting flute and Duduk (at 1'09) over atmospheric strings. Mysterious and melancholic. (stereo & surround mixes)

Mesa Sunrise
Darkly beautiful, mysterious atmosphere with electric guitar + Native American flute.

Ice World
Shifting, sparkling soundscape with dark undercurrents and drones.

Desert Dusk
Tinkley reveal with exotic flute.

Bleak landscape in layered, electronically effected Viola- slowly evolving, textured drones with varyingly fraught and emotive improvisations over.

Nordic Chill
Slow moving, pensive, peaceful. Chilled-out backdrop.

The Cavern
Eerily beautiful and mysterious synth chord washes with spacious and emotive piano lead lines over.

Dark India Link
Flute and tabla over dark drone.

The Big Heat
Starkly spacious string drones with altered viola taking abstractly ethnic-flavoured lead lines.

Cloud Forest
Light, enigmatic, ambient atmosphere. Evolves with light strings at 1:16. Ideal neutral soundbed for voice-over, science & nature documentaries etc.

Ice Station
Ambient atmosphere evoking bleak beauty, mystery and a hint of danger.  Solo cello at 01:43. Ideal soundbed for voice-over and documentaries.

Light, floaty, minimal ambient atmosphere. Ideal neutral background for voice overs, science & nature documentaries etc.

Planet Ocean
Light, enigmatic ambient atmosphere with floating, drifting washes of sound.  Evocative of undersea beauty. Ideal for voice-overs, documentaries etc.

Dust Devil
Wild, intensely atmospheric, overblown flute harmonic improvisations with sparse ethnic drum and voice embellishments.