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Comedy & Kitsch

Light-hearted, quirky retro & wacky songs & instrumentals
for lifestyle, adverts, daytime tv, comedy

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Edmundo Xacto
Comedy cha-cha-cha Latin dance orchestra.

Oodle Doodle
Happy nonsense vocal leads good-naturedly wacky 30's style 'hot' jazz featuring elaborate vocal-brass impersonations.

La Petomane
Sensitive exploration of the themes of Frenchness and Flatulence featuring suitably scatological samples and accordion.

Ooh Matron
Parodic, 50's- flavoured, organ led Rumba- quite silly.

Happy Traveller
Sultry and smoochy latin jazz ensemble supports laid back vocal 'trumpet' solo.

Defective Detective
Comedy cloak and dagger suspense. Mid tempo jazz with Vibraphone, Organ, abrupt punctuations and big swinging brass climax.

Comedy March
Mock military-band march of the toys.

Donkey Cowboy
Comic, drunk, blues harmonica over strummed guitar and slow 'horse trotting' clave percussion. Quirky, funny Americana.

Tough Cops \'76
60's/70's cop show pastiche with a modern edge, driving vibraphone lead riff, wah-wah guitar and big brass section.

Wobble Dub
Wacky mid-tempo Big Beat electronic dub with warbly bass line and regular zappy accents.

Tango To Go
Sexy, glamorous Tango featuring accordian, guitar, piano and romantic, soaring orchestral strings. Builds to optimistic, bright end.

Spaghetti Western
Spaghetti Western style band with guitar and male voices.

Shaken Not Stirred
60's flavoured spy drama- filmic pop/jazz combo with urgent drums, tremolo guitar and jazzy trumpet highlights.

You\'ll Go Blind
Comic dance-orchestra cha-cha; 'Carry On' cheeky.

Ghost Waltz
Jauntily spooky period piano waltz with Lo Fi sound and creepy FX

Riviera Retro
Retro Latin lounge evokes 60's glamour on the Cote D'Azur.

Scat Cats
Manic, cut-up scat harmony vocals and racing jazz drums. Frantic and wacky.