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In & Out Of Love

Love songs & emotive instrumentals - the joy, sadness & laughter of romance -
for factual, drama, advertising

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Heart of Love
Beautiful, reflective, romantic solo piano. Gentle, melodic and slightly echoing. Yearning, tender and oozing emotion.

Come To My Room
Mock sultry slow vocal jazz/blues song with suggestive lyrics and lightly comedic vocal brass backing.

Fluid indie disco with guitars. Consoling, bitter-sweet male vocals: 'Everythin' gonna work out fine'

Samba da Guitarra
Romantic, smoochy vocal samba- kitsch, glamorous and nostalgic- cocktails with Peter Sellers.

On My Mind
Acoustic guitar led Folk-pop with ambient/chillout overtones- sad and reflective.

Want You
Haunting, reflective song with Irish/Celtic feel.  Acoustic guitar, bodhran and female vocal. "Don't want you to go, Hold me, Love me,"

Pensive rolling acoustic guitar and double bass underpin thoughtful piano and flamenco guitar figures.

My Solitude
Silky smooth jazz/blues song about lost love and bitter-sweet loneliness. Female vocal over lush lounge backing. (stereo & surround mixes)

Hey Sugar!
Tongue-in-cheek swinging jazz vocal over smokey jazz-club backing with vocal trumpet-effect 'brass section' and solo. Valentine's Day!

Sunshine and Clouds
Country tinged, gently sad acoustic-rock takes off at 2'02 into uplifting psychedelic mid section.

The World To Me
Thoughtfully positive, Indie/Triphoppy hymn to love and togetherness.

Poignant and simple solo piano meditation on remembering and loss.

Mist O’er the Heart
Romantic song about lost love, featuring soprano Renata Jonscher. Lonely, reflective and haunting. Alternate version with orchestra. (Lyrics T.Williams)

Early Autumn
Gentle autumnal piano and orchestra blending light sadness and consolation.

Together Again
Touching and emotive acoustic/orchestral theme to reconciliation and relationships.