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Lifestyle - Leisure & Relaxation

Easygoing, gentle, warm
for lifestyle, factual, light activities, holidays, daytrips, the outdoors

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In Open Air
Thoughtful and gently emotive, artfully picked mid-tempo solo acoustic guitar theme.

Golden Harvest
Gently upbeat, folky acoustic guitar duet.

Thoughtful, modern style acoustic guitar piece. Light, welcoming and neutral.

Easy Rider
Easygoing country blues with chilled guitars, pedal steel and laid-back drums.

Gently building acoustic slide guitar and bongos. Positive, relaxed and tuneful.

Carefree, gentle, ambling tune featuring Kora and nylon-string guitar. Banjo in at 01:02

November Sun
Autumnal folk-rock with acoustic piano lead lines.

Poole Harbour
Laid back bluesy guitar led AOR.

Ultra mellow guitar blues band.

Thoughtful Spot
Gentle, summery solo acoustic guitar. Evocative of peaceful, pastoral scenes and relaxation.

A gentle orchestral rural meditation.

Vicars Tea Party
Light Brass Band theme in village fete style.  Pastoral, cheery and English as tuppence.

Swaying Palms
Gently strumming Ukelele and Melodica over light, ambling rhythm. Summery and unobtrusive.

Taking it Easy
Laid-back beat with Ukulele and acoustic guitar melody. Easygoing and warm.

Holiday Paradise
Breezy, contented beat with marimba and flute melody. Warm, holiday fun.

Flying Home
Emotive, pipes and acoustic guitar over gentle beat. Soaring and soulful.

Holiday Memories
Laid back beats, marimba and acoustic slide guitar. Simple, happy and reflective.

Why Worry?
Philosophical, gently waltzing jazz duet-piano and cello.

Solo Journey
Thoughtful acoustic guitar led folk-jazz ballad over lush string section.

Doing Stuff
Light, subtly retro, acoustic soundtrack to everyday life, hobbies and DIY - breezy and neutral.