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A Day in the Life

Contemporary orchestral and minimalist
for documentary, lifestyle, factual, news, the arts, people & places

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A Day in the Life
Minimalist solo piano. Lively, exuberant, fluid and feelgood.

From Above
Light, quick moving, orchestral Minimalism. Airy and pastoral.

Insistent orchestral/choral minimalism- contemporary classical with a filmic, histrionic twist.

Whimsical orchestral fantasy with plucked strings, xylophone, woodwind and brass. Busy, light-hearted and playful.

Around the Clock
Serious, mid-paced, Minimalist orchestral.

Northern Dawn
Intensely meditative, minimalist piano ostinato gradually evolves and builds to portentous, cyclical climax.

Prada Jungle
Stridently atmospheric orchestral soundtrack to dark business/legal/political machinations with threatening overtones.

Several Marimbas
Minimally evolving layered marimba/xylophone figures with added ensemble textures- urgent, meditative and serious.

The Observers
Sparse, whimsical, tiptoeing atmosphere.  Plucked strings and vibraphone build to ending with horns.

Theatre District
Quick paced, whimsical pizzicato (plucked) string orchestra. Bright, busy and neutral with feelgood factor. Builds to positive end.

Changing Nature
Light, orchestral Minimalist figures.

Piano Story
Cyclical figures for two pianos evolve and grow to uplifting climax- serious and minimalist.

Bird\'s Eye View
Breezy, fluid, minimalist solo piano. Neutral, floating piano arpeggios evoke activity and time-lapse film.

Agitated contemporary classical orchestra with a 50's/60's thriller feel. Restless, dramatic and dynamic episodes build to brassy climax.

Much Ado
Thoughtful, lightly emotive acoustic guitar over chamber orchestra - neutral activity with a hint of drama.