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Lifestyle - Feelgood 1

Uplifting indie rock
for lifestyle, factual, documentary, sports

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Blue Day
Guitar band Brit-Rock; piano led intro builds expectantly to rousing emotive chorus at 50secs.

Neutral, feelgood guitar slowly builds (55 secs) before bursting into exuberant, crashing Indie rock anthem.

Everyday People
Light guitar intro builds and explodes into confident, Indie rock anthem.

Forging Ahead
Uplifting and energetic indie rock anthem.

Beautiful Sunshine
Reflective chilled Indie pop. Moody male vocal 'Beautiful Sunshine' over trippy acoustic and electric sunshine guitars, and cut-up vocal samples.

Shining Day
Emotive/Euphoric UK Indie pop-rock.

We Can
Feelgood, upbeat Indie guitar rock.

Middle Of My Day
Good-naturedly uplifting world-at-work Brit-pop lifestyle theme.

Coming Home
Gently emotional rock intro falls into Massive Indie anthem with thoughtful chord voicings.

Home Team Nights
Warm and uplifting Indie Rock theme celebrating the simpler pleasures.

We the People
Optimistic, feelgood Indie rock with dynamic guitars/drums/bass . Purposeful and confident.

Back to Jamie\'s
Affirmative Indie Rock- big entry at 29 secs.

Open Road
Understatedly uplifting and emotional indie rock/chill anthem with solid breakbeat and orchestral layers.

Taste Life
Laid-back, gently affirming, easygoing acoustic/electric Indie.  Relaxed and welcoming.

Moderate Indie signature tune to peace, togetherness and normality.

Away Day
Light, jangling, breezy, feelgood Indie folk/rock. Waltzing and easygoing.