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The Late Shift

Jazzy, dubby & ambient sophistication with a late night vibe -
for chatshow, trailers, adult & erotic, arts, factual

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After Hours
Sensual, ambient atmosphere with moody sax and guitar over shifting electronic pads. Very 'Blade Runner'. Subtle train sfx at end.

Espresso Nights
Fast, swinging jazz groove with virtuoso sax and mute trumpet solos punctuated with ensemble signature sections.

Lizard Lounge
Smooth 50's dinner-club jazz guitar solo over louche, mid tempo small jazz combo backing.

Chat Show
Cool jazz ensemble with Hammond Organ and Brass accents; sophisticated upbeat uptempo 6/8 jazz.

Tell It Straight
Cool trumpet-led jazz combo with a mellow, late-night flavour, featuring studio audience effects.

Film Noir Dub
Darkly atmospheric Dub Chill featuring melodica.

Money in Motion
Dubby, sophisticated, fluid guitars slide over clockwork beats and half-time drums. Lush, enigmatic chilled-out ambient lounge.

Night Flight
Alternately urgent and soaring, jazz-funk flavoured grand atmospherics including female voice, powerful percussion and orchestral undertones.

Four AM
Romantic, chilled-out lounge. Lush strings, congas and fluid jazz guitar. Sexy, sophisticated, filmic and a touch melancholic.

Dark City Confidential
Fluid, sophisticated, spacey and fast with soaring electric guitar, jazzy sax and airy female voices. Cool, chic and glamorous.

Thoughtful Traveller
Reflective, rolling acoustic guitars over gentle percussion. Ambient with calm movement.

Sultry, intimate Tango featuring Argentinian accordion (Bandoneon). Passionate and glamorous.

City\'s Edge
Rolling, lush and atmospheric soundtrack with guitar topline and female vocal fragments.

Talking Heads
Contemporary, serious (with a light touch) soundtrack combining strings and funky retro jazz styles - late night, grownup.

Adios Buenos Aires
Sentimental ballad with Tango accordion touches; filmic, melancholy, retro and kitsch.