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Kids At Play

Fun, gentle & cute moods -
for children, animals, Halloween, themes, nursery, innocence, parenting

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All Aboard
Lively childlike 6/8 marimba figures with flute melody.

Round We Go
Cheery merry-go-round tune. Waltzing and cute.

White Spirit Bear
Simple recorder melody and whistling over acoustic guitar and light percussion.  Innocent, playful and warm.

Ball Pond Bobby
Bright and bouncy childlike hypnotic rhythm section subtly evolves while harp, synth and chime bars weave childlike melodies over.

Dreamy acoustic guitar, banjo and catchy recorder melodies. Ambling, relaxed, childlike and heartfelt.

Jungle Safari
Kitsch African tribal drums with flute and male chant. With jungle sound fx, birds, monkeys and running water. Infectious fun adventure.

Diddly Dee
Quirky, fun, sunny and childlike.  A light, whimsical, cheery waltz with acoustic guitar, recorder and chirpy female 'Diddly Dee' vocals.

Having a Great Time!
Bright, up-tempo country style guitars with cheerful female vocal "Having a Great Time!" Quirky fun for parties/happy occasions.

Kids in the Park
Fluid easy-listening theme with jazz guitar, synths and catchy soprano saxophone melody. Child-like, quirky, feelgood fun.

Leap Frog
Happy, innocent, quirky upbeat, with naive recorder melodies and singalong female voice. Catchy, cute, happy and fun!

Floating Up
Gently happy, airy and childlike. Medium paced pitched percussion and flute. Nursery melodies over a breathy atmosphere.

Gently jaunty orchestrally flavoured nursery music.

Today's Your Birthday!
'Today's your birthday! Ole! O happy day!'. Celebratory, kiddy feelgood fun, with party whistles.

Mother\'s Arms
Gentle nursery rhyme figures on harp and flute with glockenspiel.

Summer Fair
Gentle waltzing evocation of traditional summer funfair ride featuring funfair organ.

Ghosts and Ghouls
Tiptoeing comedy shocker with chamber orchestra led by bassoon and oboe and metallic background swells.

Spooky, playful, Kitsch horror with organ, thunder sound FX and scary female voice.

Forbidden Forest
Tiptoeing small orchestral ensemble featuring flute, bassoon and glockenspiel- comedy creepiness for kids.

Spooky House
Tiptoeing comedy orchestral creepshow, with walking bassoon lead and staccato clarinet highlights.