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Tension beds, heartbeats, countdowns & winner/loser stings -
for talent/gameshows, competitions, quiz, reality tv

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Tense, nervous strings with underpinning heartbeat and synth. 'Winner' & 'Loser' stings available in versions.

Final Decision
Tense strings with tympani rolls and hits. Loops around creating tense build .

On Edge
Nervous picked guitar, heartbeat, synth and swishes creates atmosphere of expectant tension.

Stress Factor
Tense strings to dark drum/voice suspense. Loops and builds to climax. Hits available.

Fingers on Buzzers
Strings and piano with punctuating string stabs and harp. Gently tense atmosphere loop.

Nerves of Steel
Edgy, tense synth atmosphere with chemical beats. 'Winner' and 'Loser' hits in Versions.

Beat the Clock
Jazz Piano/Vibes quintet plays upbeat blues at racing speed.

Light percussion atmosphere punctuated with snare + string stabs and electric guitar. Open, sparse and a little tense but whimsical.

Vote the Winner
Youthful energetic rock guitars and drums build the tension to positive end hit.

Tension Factor
Ticking Clock, Heartbeat drum, gently picked electric guitar and drone. Simple, looping atmosphere of nervous suspense

You Have One Minute
Ticking clock countdown with gentle synth builds to alert sound and end at One Minute.

Who\'s going Through?
Tense 'Psycho' strings and heart beat with edgy guitar picks.