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Dirty Funker

Big beats & meaty basslines to get down n’ dirty to - cut up, cheeky & fun
for youth, sport, fashion, commercials

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Rock n Roll Techno
Down and dirty Bigbeat fun.

Stick Ya Butt Out
Dirty, funky Big Beat/Break Beat floor-filler with hi-octane male MC vocal.

What It Is
Punchy grooving BigBeat workout built round retro 70's funker featuring Brass section, synth FX and fat synth bass.

Be Real
Fat n Buzzy Break Beat/Electro hybrid with vocoder vocal.

Eat The Rich
Rolling funky Electro-Punk with heavily effected mocking female vocal- 'We're enemies- The Rich n' Me'...

So Funky
Scorchingly Funky Breakbeat workout with vocal snippets- 'So funky!' and 'Are you feelin' alright?'- good dirty fun.

Stomp Squelch
Weirdly happy manic funky electronica with indecipherable female vocal snippets.

Energetic and funky breakbeat electro.

Strutting, chemical Indie with cut-up funky, distorted bass guitar and vocal fx. Twisted and quirky.

Australia Express
Driving didgeridoo groove over Bigbeat rhythm track; occasional shotgun and jet FX plus vocal - sample 'Gonna take you to a place you've NEVER been before'.

Bass Overload
Dirty fat warbling synth bass leads thumping breakbeats through some crazy edits and effects.

Squelchy stomping funky electro-house with visceral synth bass.

Agitated, glitching robot over relentless, pounding dubstep. Wacky technology gone wrong.

Psychedelic funk with twisted vocal fragments and jazzy riffing.

Exuberant modern-retro Disco-Funk.