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Historic Romps

Drama & intrigue from the medieval to the baroque
for history, documentary, drama

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Cold Genius
Surreal, startling baroque, bass aria about freezing to death, from opera 'King Arthur'
(by Purcell/Dryden, Arr. P.Wilson/M.Beesley).

A Gilded Cage
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

Dramatic, operatic Venetian 'romp', Vivaldi-style strings, harpsichord & orchestra. Operatic version available w. mezzosoprano (Renata Jonscher) & choir.

Prince of Denmark's March
Contemporary arrangement of Jeremiah Clarke's popular, regal, baroque trumpet voluntary.

Dracula at the Keys
Bach-like, solemn, Gothic, full Church organ. Played in 3 sections (see Versions for 3 separate cuts)

Stately Home
Elegant, neo-classical solo piano. Reminiscent of Bach. Formal, cultured and pastoral.

Medieval Bretonic folk dance with female vocals- 'Na Na Na'. Drums and bombards (Bretonic oboes)

Dance of the Pagan Baebes
Medieval, modal style female vocals in old Cornish language, to bouncy beat with crumhorns and sopranino recorder.

Non Non Non
Extravagantly melodramatic orchestral theme with emphatic female choral 'Non!' insistently over.

My Lady's Chamber
Flouncy, histrionic, Neo-Baroque chamber orchestra joined by R & B break at 18sec (+ fat bass at 55sec).

Flighty neo-baroque solo violin figures over skipping dubstep drums and squelchy bass.

Full choir and orchestra build to triumphant finale in neo-classical/baroque 'Gloria' style.