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Epic Orchestral - Adventure

Dramatic orchestral action
for trailers, films, scifi, heroic, battle & war, thrillers

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Thunder Chase
Up tempo wall-of-sound orchestral and War drums leading to hit ending at 1 min.

Earth Battle
Action-packed epic orchestral drama. Enigmatic intro evolves into huge adventure theme with brass stabs and pounding drums. (stereo & surround mixes)

Epic Voyager
Moody intro to heroic, jaunty, orchestral high drama with stabbing horns/strings. Percussion and key change to climactic end.

Tension builds to epic, pounding orchestral crescendo with stabbing choir. Urgent and thrilling.

Evil Is Gathering
Melodramatic tenor choir over dark, pounding drums and orchestral brass build to climax. Apocalyptic and restless.

Serious, urgent orchestra with pensive sections and military snare drum.

Tense, building, dramatic, chugging orchestra. Increases in pace throughout to end hit.

Blue Beyond
Epic symphonic evocation of the grandeur and mystery of space, the earth or the ocean.

For Uncle Sam
Anthemic, patriotic fanfare on bugle with trombones, military snare and orchestral bass drum. Strong and proud.

Droid Wars
Dramatic futuristic action thriller. Orchestra builds throughout to climax. (stereo & surround mixes)

Satanic Voices
Massively melodramatic Gothic chorale with epic percussion and orchestra.

Dramatic hits lead into medium tempo heroic orchestral theme on trumpets, supported by funky bass and drums groove. Heroic and adventurous.

Preparing for War
Fast pace, agitated orchestral drama with 'call to war' horns and sense of tension and momentous occasion.

Starship Voyager
Bright, positive brass fanfare into adventurous orchestral theme with big drums. (See Versions for Drums Only)

One Minute To Destruct
Frantic, unrelenting drums and orchestral stabs build to manic climax. Fast, action-packed, hair-raising drama.

Moody ethnic atmos builds to dramatic orchestral chase/adventure sequence resolving to panoramic beauty. (stereo & surround mixes)

Heroic opening fanfare to suspense atmospherics (24s) building back to epic climax - orchestral soundtrack/trailer.