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Cool Technology

Dark, minimal, sexy & edgy electronica
for commercials, documentary, technology, science

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Dream Machines
Extreme Minimal House with eerie atmospheric chords and FX- dark and sexy.

Thoughtful, futuristic minimal techno; ambient electronica drones to brooding minimal electro bass, drum machine and android effects.

Dark Machine
Tensely driving minimal electro with a touch of threat.

I See Demons
Dark and menacing electronica- where's my Audi?

Confident, sexy electro with a dark touch.

Medium paced, edgy, chilled out electronica with rolling rhythm and techno FX. Neutral and sophisticated. (Available in Surround)

Robo Dog
Twisted funky electronica riddled with glitches.

Psychedelic chilled electronica with a menacing edge; insistent twisted chimes motif and prominent breathing/respirator effects.

Uber cool minimal electronic tech-house with enigmatic vocal 'So you gonna change? What you gonna change into?'

Atmospheric minimal techno-electronica; on the sinister side of neutral.

Warp Factor
Twisted minimal electronica- darkly technical.

Seriously Black
Neutral, evolving, edgy atmosphere. Deep rumbling bass throughout with cyclic synths. Enigmatic and pensive.

Killing Time
Dark, menacing retro twangy guitar figures over tight techno drum track.

Rolling mid tempo electronic techno - neutral, technical, serious.

Energetic electronic Tech-House with lush drops and euphoric re-entries.

Edge Tech
Dark, prowling, uptempo minimal techno, combining urgency and subtle menace.

Fast and furious Drum n Bass workout with strident computer-game like synth lead over skipping drums and hard-as-nails bass.

Pensive intro into Balearic house groove with atmospheric rhythm stabs and strings with indistinct downbeat vocal sample.

Rolling mid-tempo tech-house; urgent and atmospheric.

Liquid Steel
Super Hi-Tech ambient electronic dreamscape; dark, sexy technology. Beats from 00:46.

Ultra-Cool electronica; restless freeform montage of electronic atmospheres with subtle automotive sound fx.

Asphalt Jungle
Dark, rolling electronica with throbbing distorted bass, dubby breaks and nightmare background atmospheres.