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Tough grime, dubstep & rap with a raw street edge
for extreme sports, games, youth, warfare, drama, documentary, crime, prisons, adverts,

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New Creps
Dirty, bombastic Drum n' Bass with stop-start amusement-arcade bass and drums, and manic vocal and sound effects.

Urban Rush
Fast UK urban jungle. Manic, speeded-up hiphop beats with dubby bass and vocal samples. Tough, clubby, unrelenting street attitude.

Rock Da Stage
Strutting, Urban UK Grime with MC's rockin' da stage.

Contract Killer
Menacing UK urban hiphop about contract killer. Swaggering beats with in your face, bragging MC . Explicit lyrics.

Meet Your Match
Tense, restless, menacing drum and bass with agitated synth strings top line. Pounding and shifty.

Muscular, throbbing, hip, fat, Grime beat with bleepy accents.

Overly Reppin\'
Strutting grime workout with squelchy bass and vocal snippets- young and feisty.

Medium-tempo, bitter-sweet Drum n' Bass. Manic voice samples and smashing glass over menacing creeping bass synth. Weird, oddball and tongue-in-cheek.

Death Droid
Abrasive dubstep featuring metallic synth over agitated drumbeats - seething with sci-fi menace.

Brutal, juddering dubstep - dark intense action.

Chime Scene
Unsettlingly bright xylophone sequence gives way to aggressive minimal dubstep.

Hell Machines
Blisteringly abrasive hardcore dubstep - giant robots battling to the death.

The Destroyer
Intense, driving dubstep with manic stabs and cutting resonant sweeps.  Unrelenting mayhem.

Bullet Boy
Hard-punching, restless dubstep with aggressive vocal stabs and edgy tension.