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Positively Minimal

Thoughtful, factual and positive - for documentaries and tv

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A Fresh Start
Purposeful, lightly urgent chamber-orchestral soundtrack to meaningful things getting done.

A Positive Outlook
Things are looking bright in the world of anything slightly serious and commercial. Upbeat and playful light-orchestral intrigue.

The Pursuit Of Excellence
Romping minimalist piano and string figures with lashings of gravitas edging into flashes of triumphalism.

Something Wonderful This Way Comes
Breathlessly anticipatory orchestral prelude to anything bright and excellent.

Kite Flying
A sunny, windy day perfectly captured by piano and light orchestra. Watch the trees sway and the kites dancing in the breeze.

Steady Progress
Uptempo xylophone figures over moody, shifting orchestral backing. Serious activity with a touch of suspense.

Things Are Moving
Intense minimalism with repeating piano figures over choppy and emphatic string rhythm section. Serious, urgent activity.

The Observation Of Fact
Lively marimba/glock and piano patterns over light strings for scientific/intellectual detective stories with a touch of high-brow playfulness.

Dancing In The Breeze
Airily mysterious guitar, piano and harp figures intertwine over lush strings. Serious and atmospheric.

A Steady Hand
Gently purposeful vibes, marimba and piano over hovering strings. Upbeat, thoughtful, positive.

The Thoughtful Minimalist
Downbeat intrigue for xylophone and piano over strings with an exotic touch - spies in the night.

Walking Through Time
Airy piano/orchestral/synth hybrid atmospheric soundtrack with a touch of sunny urgency.

Tranquil Awakening
Light, tranquil atmosphere with delicately flowing minimalist piano, soft mallets and strings.