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Thoughtful To Positive

Hybrid-soundtrack narratives moving from pensive suspense to uplifting resolution.

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Enter The Titans
Massively portentous synth chord intro builds to towering pop-electronic anthem.

To The Stars
Darkly atmospheric detuned piano/guitar intro takes off into epic soulful indie anthem with a Celtic touch.

Moving Forward
Thoughtful suspenseful intro grows into powerful, momentous orchestral climax. 

Power And Glory
Pensive piano and pads intro lifts massively into epic indie orchestral power ballad chorus.

Mysterious, enchanted intro slides into stirring indie anthem with a Nordic tinge, grows steadily to lilting, surreally upbeat climax.

Prepare To Launch
Suspenseful, apprehensive piano and guitar intro builds towards big, serious, affirmative indie anthem (enters @ 1:00).

Here To Inspire
Light pop-folk intro builds gradually into warm, uplifting orchestral anthem.

Going To Be Okay
Indie Rocker evolves gradually from hopeful suspense, through several levels of excitement to massively positive, uplifting conclusion.

Seize The Day
Pensive piano is joined by rolling breakbeats and strings; gradually builds to triumphal, uplifting climax.

Hitting Your Stride
Suspenseful, portentous intro gives way to purposeful, upbeat piano/orchestral theme.

To The Mountain
Pensive piano solo intro lifts into soulful indie orchestral rock with a heroic Celtic flavour.

Victory Story
Tentative, thoughtful strings and piano build gradually towards soaring and triumphant orchestral conclusion - Twice!

Working Out Fine
Contemporary soundtrack evolving from lightly suspenseful piano building gradually to positive, affirmative light pop-rock theme.