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The Seasons

Orchestral evocations of the 4 seasons by Robert Allen Elliott

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First Hints Of Spring
Orchestral theme transitions from frozen ambience to warm harbinger of approaching Spring. One of the elk calves survived winter! (Too bad about the other one.)

Cute Newborns
Bouncey marimba sequence joined by upbeat orchestral elements for a celebration of the fun of new life in a new Spring.

Springtime Play
Playfully euphoric orchestral celebration of the Springtime's newborns' first forays into a bright new world.

Summer Rhapsody
Lightly thoughtful piano leads into swirling orchestral theme to nature luxuriating in the deep joys of summer.

Season Of Plenty
Warmly emotive orchestral evocation of the Earth's natural bounty.

Late Summer
Emphatic orchestral hybrid soundtrack to the end of summer - the warmth is still there, but the outlook is less certain.

Seasons Change
Lush orchestral evocation of the sadness of endings mixed with hopes for new beginnings.

Autumn Approaches
Emotionally charged orchestral hybrid lament to the end of the summer and the approach of darker times.

Gentle Autumn
Gentle, meditative piano grows into light orchestral tone poem to the early, quieter days of Autumn - red leaves in late sun, before the storm.

First Storm
Urgent, flighty orchestral string patterns growing in drama and intensity with choir and massive drums joining.

Swirling Wind
Swirling flute and string arpeggios over orchestra with wind effects - calm mid-section returning to wind-blown end section.

The Storm Hits
Apocalyptic storm effects alternate with urgent orchestral/choral bed featuring explosive tymp+brass impacts.

Weather Alert
Urgent orchestral theme for dramatic developments. Storm approaching.

Autumn Closes
Intensely meditative minimal orchestral soundtrack, with subtle hybrid touches, to autumn's end and the approach of a long cold winter.

Beautiful Frostscape
Slow-moving, lush orchestral atmosphere with mysterious piano figures. Beautiful, simple and haunting.

Winter Beauty
Bright but cold and mysterious rhythmic orchestral hybrid atmospherics.

Frozen Dawn
Intense orchestral hybrid evocation of the menacing beauty of a deep Arctic dawn.

Long Hard Winter
Moody piano and flute fragments over dark and sparse orchestral and sequenced atmospherics. Forbidding beauty.

Climate Crisis
Orchestral hybrid lament to a natural world in crisis. Solemn but urgent.