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Mock Baroque

A romp through the Baroque for chamber orchestra with a touch of anarchy.

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Hotel Sarabande
Neo-Baroque tear-up with strident saxophone lead, taking massive liberties with Handel's Sarabande.

The court chamber ensemble plays Charles II off for a spot of deer hunting on a pristine April morning.

Rex Mortuus Est
Stormy, relentless chamber orchestra pays homage to Vivaldi's Baroque. Maximum melodrama with a bawdy edge.

An Exaltation Of Larks
Bright and breezy chamber-orchestral theme to happy intrigue with melodious sax and cornet lead.

Accidents Of Love
Runaway Baroque orchestral romp featuring Crumhorn and other Baroque family favourites.

A Gilded Cage 2
Chamber orchestral Baroque pastiche with a flavour of comedic intrigue.

The Intrigue Unravels
Uproariously melodramatic runaway orchestral romp with harpsichord and reeds lending a raucous hand.

Stately processional for chamber orchestra and harpsichord - regal and solemn with a twist of intrigue and melodrama.