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Christmas At The Movies

Magical and fun-filled themes for Christmas with a touch of cinematic grandeur - for adverts, promos, trailers, TV

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Christmas Like It Used To Be
Sparkling, excitement-filled orchestral theme to a bright, snowy Christmas morning with piles of presents and lots of beaming children etc.

Christmas Fever
Manically excited and magical orchestral theme for kids on a Christmas morning.

Magic Sleigh Ride
Orchestral Christmas wonder with an exuberant, galloping feel.

Epic Christmas
Huge, heroic orchestral send-off for Santa on his flying sleigh.

Christmas Morning
Super-upbeat, lightly emo/nostalgic orchestral soundtrack to a sunny (but snowy) Christmas morning, with a touch of grandeur.

Christmas Bedtime Story
Orchestral narrative reprising the fun and excitement of Christmas day before winding down to bedtime and sleep.