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Magic And Wonder

Filmic orchestral enchantment - from tiptoeing through magical woods to disappearing down the rabbit hole to a surreal Wonderland!

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Alice In Wonderland
Tiptoeing magical intro with plucked strings and celeste develops with orchestra to dramatic build before dropping away.

Believe In Magic
Magical fantasy intro with orchestra and choir builds to wondrous reveal.

Fantasy Waltz
Whimsical waltzing orchestral fantasy with playful, magical feel.

Light And Wonder
Gently uplifting, breezy, waltzing wonder with piano, light orchestra and female choir.

Magic And Wonder
Slowly lilting orchestral waltz. Gently magical and delicate.

Magic Flight
Magical, cinematic orchestra and choir builds with drama and waltzing wonder.

School Of Magic
Magical adventure with cinematic orchestra building throughout to exciting finale.

The Enchanted Maze
Enchanting piano, glockenspiel and female voice build to lilting waltz with a touch of magic.

The Enchanted Wood
Tiptoeing plucked strings and woodwind create atmosphere of soft rural magic.

The Secret Garden
Shadowy intrigue with harp and chimes over cello/string figures, with a touch of dark enchantment.

Winter Wonderland
Winter magic with sparkling chimes, lightly plucked strings, orchestra and choir.

Wonder Ride
Soaring magical rollercoaster ride on an epic orchestral scale. (versions with and without sleigh bells)