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TV Noir

Bleak tension & conflicting emotions - tracks featuring piano, chamber strings and electronica -
for documentaries, crime, hospital, tv drama

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Looking For Answers
Bleak, neutral piano figures develop slowly with stark electronica, drum machine, solo violin and cello. Thoughtful and moody.

The Search Continues
Pensive minimalist piano figures develop with emotive violin, chamber strings and light beats. Atmosphere of serious concern.

The Clock Is Ticking
Ticking beats, minimalist piano figure and string swells create bleak, serious atmosphere and sense of passing time and urgency.

Cause For Concern
Gentle but tense marimba, piano, emotional cello and violins intertwine over slowly building drum machine punctuations and heartbeat.

Growing Anxiety
Restless, melancholic atmosphere with piano, solo violin and chamber strings. Increasingly builds in sense of drama.

Sad Tomorrow
Building, bleak, emotive atmosphere with minimalist piano, solo violin and cello punctuated by stark, staccato synth-bass notes.

Sad, soft, minimalistic solo piano figures create atmosphere of sadness tinged with tenderness.

Moving On
Bleak, serious atmosphere becoming more positive throughout, with muted beats, piano, strings swells and glockenspiel.

Serious Situation
Restless rolling beats, minimalist piano and tense strings create atmosphere of facing up to a serious situation

Unfolding Drama
Tense, deep atmosphere develops with piano, emotive violin, chamber strings and drums, becoming increasingly urgent and serious before dying away.

Thinking It Through
Soft, pensive marimba and piano slowly build with violin and intensifying chamber strings. Serious and wistful.

Simple wistful piano figures develop slowly with emotive violin and synth bass. Builds before dropping to thoughtful resolution.

Slow, sad atmosphere tinged with optimism, featuring minimalistic piano, violin and cellos.

Dawn Light
Light upbeat minimalism with simple skippy piano and chamber string figures.