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Middle East And Central Asia

Middle-Eastern and Central Asian soundtracks, from North Africa to Armenia and beyond - for documentaries, news, film, tv

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Desert Oud
Enigmatic Oud (middle-eastern lute) over dark drone develops with Arabic percussion.

Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) develops with Arabic percussion.

Crescent Moon
Solo Oud (middle-eastern lute) joined by Arabic percussion @ 1:26.

Desert Horizon
Slow, evocative desert atmosphere with haunting Rebab (Bedhouin fiddle) and Saz (Arabic lute).

Wadi Halfa
Lively North African drums and Rebabs (Bedhouin fiddles). Thriving and upbeat.

Wadi Halfa (Modern Mix)
Upbeat World Beat/Crossover with North African drums and percussion, Bedhouin fiddles over modern bass and beats. Thriving and fun.

Khartoum To Cairo
Haunting Mezoued (Tunisian bagpipes) intro to joyful, Middle-Eastern dance with ethnic fiddles, drums and percussion.

Turkish Dawn
Enigmatic desert atmosphere with emotive Ney Flute.

Slow, hypnotic Middle-Eastern, Dervish-style dance with Ney flute, Oud (lute) and drum.

Upbeat, hypnotic Dervish-style dance with Ney flute, Saz, Oud and ethic percussion.

Mournful Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over deep, enigmatic atmosphere.

Lightly nostalgic Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over gentle guitar and ethnic percussion.

Tales Of Ashogh
Haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over steady ethnic drum, Saz (Turkish lute) and Kaval (flute).

Rolling modern beats, ethnic percussion and haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe).

Ancient Warlords
Fast, rolling Middle-Eastern big drums, clashing metal and haunting Duduk (Armenian reed pipe) over.

Armenian Nights
Sophisticated Middle-Eastern filmic Crossover with lonely Duduk (Armenian reed pipe), chilled beats and bass.

Slow, hypnotic frame drum and Middle-Eastern/Central Asian instruments including sorrowful Duduk, Rubab and Saz.

Fast, hypnotic frame drum and Middle-Eastern/Central Asian instruments including Rubab, Saz and Mezoued (Arabic bagpipe).

Exotic Central Asian/Middle-Eastern World-Beat featuring haunting Zurna (reed pipe), ethnic drums, percussion and modern touches.

Gates Of Babylon
Exotic, cinematic Middle-Eastern atmosphere with haunting female voice over dramatic drums, Arabic strings and Saz (lute).

The Price Of War
Dark, edgy atmosphere with haunting Arabic zither and percussion over sinister drone, punctuated by muted, subtle explosive fx.

Desert Tension
Tense Middle Eastern atmosphere with dark drones, Arabic instruments, voices and FX.