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French! And Loving It...

Easygoing soundtracks to the joys of France

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Nicole's Feast
Light retro French-flavoured acoustic jazz with a clattering percussion track played on kitchen implements. 

Encore Du Vin
Easygoing and affable accordion and guitar waltz full of the pleasures of France.

Promenade En France
Jolly, amiable, very slightly wistful vintage French easy-listening featuring melodica over steady guitar and double bass backing. Pernod on the terrace in Biarritz, 1958.

Valse Du Petit Chien
Joyful rendition of Chopin's popular fast waltz, with accordion, fiddle, upright bass and guitar.

Adeline Mon Amour
Warm, relaxed, happy, jazzy saunter celebrating the best of times. Piano, accordion and violin.

Avec Plaisir
Warm, easygoing accordion and guitar waltz glowing with Gallic contentment.

Encore Du Fromage
Lively Latin Accordion and guitar duet with a touch of the Tangos. Retro romance and fun.

Notre Dame By Moonlight
Accordion and guitar waltz glides across the rooftops and through the moonlit streets of Paris. Romantic, sad, retro and cute.

Paris Is For Lovers
lyrics by Cecile Brun
Retro-romantic toy piano with French female voice, joined by chamber strings for a dreamy waltz.

Douce Tristesse
Sweetly melancholic, nostalgic French romance with accordion and guitar.

Bonne Nuit Paris
Dreamily romantic accordion ballad with quirky toy piano and pizzicato strings accompaniment. Cute and nostalgic.

Django To Go
Exuberant 30s 'Hot Club de Paris' -style jazz; violin soloing over foot-tapping acoustic guitar led jazz trio.

Comedy Vacation
Comedically upbeat skiffle with strumming guitar and exceptionally plinky piano joined by plodding double bass and vibraphone. Sunny, relaxed and fun.

Café Paris
Easygoing swing-jazz with accordion and mellow guitar. Gallic gastronomy!

Boulevard Of Love
Intricate, romantic gypsy flavoured Hot Jazz with accordion and violin trading leads - fast and fiery climax.

Gently jazzy/folky acoustic guitar rambles agreeably over easy-listening backing with strings and accordion. Laid back and continental.

Dreamy, gently psychedelic, and considerably cheesy homage to the great French romances of the 60s and 70s. Retro lounge with ethereal 'la la' female vocal.